The craziest reason to hold on to something you don’t love

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My last home was filled with items I never bought, never picked out. It was filled with items chosen for another home and another person completely.

Why did I have a houseful of another person’s belongings? They belonged to my grandmother. For years, she would tell me that certain items in her home were being left to me when she died. Most days I cringed at the thoughts that came with these statements. First, I didn’t want to picture living without her in my life. She was my friend and very important to me. But after that came the wish that she would leave it to someone else.

I loved her with all my heart, but she and I had different taste in most areas whether that was fashion, food, or home furnishings. She loved these things she had worked for. I loved the things I had worked for as well. The combination of my belongings and hers was not a pretty picture.

So why would I ever keep these items? I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I’ll say that again. After she died, I took these items into my home because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. How crazy is that?

It took me almost ten years to allow myself to pass on these items to others. It was only after I realized that she didn’t hold on to items from her mother or grandmother in her home that I could let go of the fear of hurting her feelings. Her home reflected who she was and how she wanted to live. I was entitled to the same freedom.

What are you holding on to things you don’t love? If it’s from someone who has passed away, let it go. Say a prayer, tell them you know they left it to you because they love you, but it doesn’t work for you. Let it go to someone who will love it. Find a family who lost everything due to a natural or even economic disaster. What ever you do with the items, just be sure they leave your home and won’t return.

I can’t believe that once we die we care what happens to our material belongings. If we are watching our loved ones from beyond, which I believe we do, it is to see if they are happy and healthy, or to witness their growth as they age,not to see if they kept and used the food processor I left them in my will.

Unconditional love comes with freedom. Freedom to know we can be ourselves and will always be loved. Take control today, what are you longing to be free of? Let go, and see how much happier you can be afterwards


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