Storing and displaying dishes

I’m not much of a photographer, but I wanted you to see my collection of dishes I was left with after decluttering my space.

No upper cabinets, no problem I’ll make shelves

I have no upper cabinets in my small apartment, so I had to be creative. I picked up a piece of lumber at the local hardware store and had it cut into two foot long pieces. to decide the depth of the shelves I measured the diameter of my plates and used that number.

I used milk paint, (very eco-friendly) to paint the shelves and attached them to the wall with these metal brackets.

What do I have on my shelves?

  • 4 plates from the local pottery store (Campbell’s pottery)
  • 4 pottery bowls (from pottery store)
  • 3 soup pottery bowls
  • 2 small plastic bowls for the “very” small grand-children
  • 8 large drinking glasses
  • 2 small glass cups (these were my grand mothers, they held corned beef originally)
  • 5 stainless steel cups from Ikea, perfect for young children
  • 1 glass measuring cup
  • 8 cups

How did I choose what to keep? Simple, I kept what I used and what I loved. In the case of the number of plates, bowls, and glasses I kept the maximum number I would use at any one time.

My cups are a different story. I never use all 8 cups at any one time, but each has a story behind it and all but one were gifts from people who mean a lot to me.

  • Washington D.C. cup: given to me by my son when he was 18 and stationed there as part of the Honor Guard for active duty.
  • T-Mobile cup: This my youngest son gave to me when he landed what he believed was  his dream job at age 17, he’s 24 and still with the company
  • Set of 3 (okay 4 but one broke) that were given to me by my then soon-to-be daughter-in-law.  She found these which have fall leaves on them and wanted to show that she knew what I liked.
  • Campbell’s pottery mug: my eldest son worked there briefly after leaving active duty, this was given to him by the company to drink out of at work. He felt I would enjoy it more than he would.
  • 1 large mug I purchased on vacation in Florida. At the time I needed something to use as a bowl for cereal, this did the trick. I love the size when I am cold and want a large cup of tea.
  • 1 cup from edible arrangements, this was a gift from two of my sisters.

If you look closely you can see the shelves aren’t centered on the wall, I know I didn’t have much choice. The wall I wanted the shelves on is concrete and this spot I had to work around the thermostat. It works though, my dishes are easily accessible and with only a few dishes it’s easy to keep the area wiped clean.



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