25 top guilty pleasures

courtesy pixabay.com

In the spirit of living a simpler life I thought I should share with you my 25 top guilty pleasures.

  1. Good music: Yes, you can spend a lot of money buying CDs, but plenty of music is free online and on the local radio shows.
  2. Time with family: Our family knows us best. They know what makes us laugh and cry, what our dreams are and best of all the stories we sometimes forget to cherish.
  3. Quiet days: Life can be stressful, taking time to do nothing just let the day unfold as it will are special.
  4. A good book: There is no way I would ever want to spend the money to purchase the number of books I read.  Libraries and friends provide me with all I need.
  5. Juicy fresh strawberries right from the garden: how I look forward to this years bounty.
  6. Fresh flowers: I grew up with fresh-cut flowers from the garden, today rather than grow my own flowers to cut, I prefer to stroll and find the variety nature has made available around me.
  7. A cup of tea at the end of the day: After a full day, I unwind with a cup of hot tea. It’s the perfect way to slow down and reflect on the day, afterwards I sleep like a baby.
  8. A bite of good chocolate: We have a couple wonderful shops that make their own chocolate nearby, when I want to enjoy a piece of chocolate I avoid the commercial brands for one of these.
  9. Rain:  A rainy day reminds me to slow down, I will take these days to stop, turn off all other sounds in my home and just listen to the rain. It’s also the most soothing way to fall asleep.
  10. Super soft mattress: I love comfort in all things, but when it comes to the best sleep, my quickly aging mattress is where I want to be.
  11. Sun:  In the warmer months you will find me outdoors enjoying every moment possible in the sunlight.
  12. Browsing the local used book store: If there is one thing I do find myself buying its books, they have been a part of my life longer than I can remember. When I do buy, I like to buy from local businesses. They give a personal touch not found in the larger chain stores. In most cases, the owner is the one you will do all your business with. It is in their best interest to see you enjoy your experience. I don’t always purchase anything, but I get to enjoy a bit of good conversation in the company of an interesting person.
  13. Water:  If you haven’t guessed yet, I love nature and everything in it. I live directly across the street from  a lake so I get to enjoy the water whenever the mood strikes.
  14. Cryptograms: These are simple puzzles where a the letters in the puzzle have been replaced with another. I especially enjoy ones with famous quotes. These can be challenging and when completed can give me something to think about.
  15. Walking barefoot: I  have never cared for shoes, and I have plenty of broken toes to show for it, but feeling the sand, grass, or even gravel under my feet and between my toes is heaven.
  16. Pot luck suppers or picnics:  Food shouldn’t be always eaten alone. While the point of eating is to get nourishment, when it’s enjoy with friends the food quickly comes in last place to the conversations you will have.
  17. My favorite throw: I have this super soft throw (blanket) that is my constant companion during the colder months.
  18. My favorite pair of sweats: If you stopped unexpectedly to visit you may find me in an old pair of sweats, they are so comfy I would wear them all the time if I could.
  19. Tetris: I was never big on video games. My children had a Nintendo game given to them from a relative, the only game I enjoyed was Tetris. A couple of years ago, I was given a hand-held version. I can play this forever. I keep it in a drawer in my desk, if I need a break to clear my mind I pull this out and play for a bit.
  20. A roaring fire: whether indoors or out, there is something amazing about the ambiance and heat that comes from a fire.
  21. Jigsaw puzzles. I don’t find the time to work on a puzzle often, but it relaxes me while giving my mind time to wander.
  22.  Gardening: Watching something grow that I nurtured, gives a sense of accomplishment. I have an area with flowers and greenery, which gives me a beautiful place to stop and rest, but the edible gardens give me the most delicious tasting foods, something no store can match.
  23. Birds: I live surrounded by open land on one side and water on the other. The variety of birds I have around me is very diverse as a result. I smile every time I hear the honking of the geese flying over or watch a smaller bird challenge a hawk for a favorite perch.
  24. A good joke: An unexpected punchline is the quickest way to experience laughter. No matter how bad of a day, the opportunity to laugh will put everything in perspective and lessen the load.
  25. A hug from someone I love. We are meant to be touched, a hug feels safe, comforting, and shows you are cared for.

What would you add to my list?


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