President’s Day and store sales

Is there one holiday left that doesn’t implore us to shop? Today is President’s Day in the United States.  School’s are closed, no mail will be delivered, libraries are closed (thank goodness I made it to the library Saturday).

But, we are told this is the day to shop.  Valentine’s day is behind us, how did you fare keeping within your budget for Valentines Day?   Easter is quickly approaching, as we can see from the stores who ALL have their Easter displays up already.

So it’s time to shop again

Really?  Before you head out to shop, if you want to live a simpler life, or just want to get a better handle on your finances, and before you check out all the ads in front of you, ask yourself this: If I go out shopping what do I REALLY need, and is that what I will end up buying? There may be a few things you do need. Fresh ingredients for dinner, more laundry detergent. But I will guarantee you you don’t NEED what you will find in those fliers.

Just because today is a marketers dream doesn’t mean YOU have to make it come true. Skip looking at those ads they are only there to tell you your life isn’t perfect without these products, that and to boost the profits of the corporations.

Know your priorities

If you do NEED to buy something today, you already know what it is. If it is on sale even better. But stressing yourself over which stores to buy which products is not a productive use of your time. The little bit of money you will save will be wasted on the extra gas to get there by car.

Think of all the things you could do with the time you will spend shopping. What are some of the priorities in your life that you haven’t made time for lately?  The biggest priority in our lives should be ourselves, yet how many of us take the time to put ourselves first.  Try today. Do you have a book you just haven’t found the time to pick up or finish? Would you just like a day to pamper yourself?  Do it.  Pick up that book, make a special meal you enjoy and invite friends or family over to join you for dinner. Leave the shopping to others.

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