The secret to living in a tiny home

How many times have you heard “Never go to bed angry”? Forget that, if you want the secret to being extremely content living in a small home here’s what you need to remember:  “Never go to bed unless the house is clean”

How many times have you gotten up in the morning and found the kitchen a mess from the night before? Raising two boys, especially as teenagers the kitchen never seemed to be closed. I woke plenty of mornings to find dishes needing to be done. That’s not how I planned to spend my first waking moments. Many days I made a cup of tea and took it to another room, or out on the porch,  to slowly come alive before going back to the kitchen to clean up.

When you live in a smaller home, little things that are out of place can make the entire room feel cluttered.  When you live in a space that is one open room a little mess is not what you want to open your eyes too first thing in the morning, and there is no where else you can go, especially in winter when the porch is far from comfortable.

Start your day off  right.

When you wake to see a bright, yet soothing, space you are more likely to be in a good mood and ready to tackle the day. What would you do when you wake tomorrow if you didn’t have to tidy up?  Maybe you would simply take a few minutes with that cup of tea to smile, and appreciate the home you created that perfectly suits you.


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