Simple Birthday



I just returned from a visit with my son and daughter-in-law. It was my daughter-in-laws twenty-fourth birthday. She wanted to go out to eat, so we went to a steak house, arriving at four in the afternoon allowed us to select our meals from the lunch menu, saving us a few dollars on each meal. After dinner we went back to their home, where my son surprised his wife with a cake and ice cream. I got to share in watching my eleven month old grand-daughter enjoy  her first-ever piece of cake and ice cream.

Gifts can be inexpensive, entertainment free

Presents were special and uniquely chosen. I had purchased her a movie she  had been seeking to find, and a hanging planter she wanted from Ikea, (isn’t the salesgirl adorable? This is my youngest grand child) but hadn’t purchased for herself. (Total cost was ten dollars, yet was exactly what she wanted.)

We spent the next few hours catching up and playing with my grand-daughter. She shared her toys, and practiced walking back and forth between us, we spent the evening with much laughter, and sharing.

After baby girl went to bed, we watched the latest episodes of Dexter that my son and his wife save for me. My kids introduced me to this and it has become an obsession for all of us.

Slower days can recharge us, make us appreciate life

The next two days were spent similarly. We stayed in, played with baby girl, watched a couple of movies, had meals at home, and worked to make a dent in the birthday cake.  I wouldn’t have wanted to spend those days any other way. I was able to spend a couple simple quiet days with three of the people who mean so much to me.

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