Who needs home ownership

I awoke this morning to a strange sound coming from outside my window.  Looking out, I saw my neighbor removing a couple feet of snow off my car. To say I appreciated her help is an understatement.  I have been thinking today on how different life would have been if I had purchased my home instead.

I’ve mentioned before, deciding whether to rent or to own my home was something I took a great deal of time considering this year when moving. I was raised to believe that we should never rent as it only makes someone else richer.

Challenges of life on your own

Having been born with a physical disability life hasn’t always been easy. Oh, I don’t feel that I’ve missed out on anything, I have lived a good life so far, and know there is much more to come. But I am no longer able to do certain things. Winter has always given me challenges, and at this point in my life, it just plain frustrates me.

A few years ago I left the town I loved and moved to Phoenix, Arizona to avoid the winter months.  As teenagers, I knew my children would be moving out on their own soon enough. I couldn’t imagine the work it would take to keep up my home and property, especially during the winter months, on my own. There was no way I wanted my children to feel they had to limit the choices in their lives to ensure they stayed close enough to be available to help me when I needed it.

I have to say I’m just not cut out for the heat of the desert air in Phoenix, so we returned to our home town;  I have been frustrated each year when winter arrives. I have needed someone to take out my trash, and even get my mail with delivery at the road. When we get buried in snow I need help shoveling and digging out my car. Ice can be the worst leaving me to need help getting out and about to run what little errands I need to run.

Benefits of living in a community of like-minded people

In addition to finding my car being resurrected from the mounds of snow this morning, I have made great friends, we share tools, books, plants, and most importantly know-how.  We’ve shared in movie nights, sat around crocheting or cross stitching while visiting on days it was just not fit to be outside, and shared the bounty of our gardens.  We have networked sharing resources with those in need.

Had I purchased my own home, I wouldn’t have met my current neighbors, I would have to pay to have someone shovel my walks for me, or wait till my son could get time to help. The conversations, and company…well I would just plain miss that. And the gardening, the more hands and minds at work the more success you will have.  Home ownership isn’t the only path to take in life. I can’t express the gratitude for the life I get to live.

I’d love to hear your stories of finding your home? Did you choose to rent or own?


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